About CharVon Claudrick, EA

Tax Professional in Las Vegas, NV

Who is CharVon Claudrick? 

I'm a mother, a "forever young" grandmother, the CEO of C.A.C Financial Services and the go-to tax accountant specialist in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. I am passionate about helping self-employed business leaders gain control of their finance and resolve tax issues with the federal/state agencies. 

But here's a little known secret: 

I didn't always excel with numbers or have an affinity for finances and taxes. In fact, math was NOT one of my favorite subjects in school. 

But I always knew I'd be an entrepreneur, working for myself and helping others. 

Growing up in the projects in Watts, California money was scarce. So I learned early on the importance of budgeting and money management. When the opportunity arose to attend college full-time, with a fully paid tuition through my employer, naturally I chose to pursue a degree in accounting. 

Tapping in to Taxes

Later, a job a Jackson Hewitt, the second largest tax preparation company in the United States, provided me with hands-on experience in the tax industry. While I honed my skills and expertise, I realized there was a lack of real communication and explanation to taxpayers. I made a mental note to one day do things differently when I had my own business. 

In 2018, I did it. After a decade-long career as a Sr. Buyer, I took the leap and launched C.A.C Financial Services, a virtual bookkeeping and tax firm that works closely with self employed business leaders by helping them take control of their business finances from bookkeeping to income tax reporting. 

As I vowed long ago, C.A.C is dedicated to doing more than just crunching numbers. We focus on providing an experience that is unique to each client. Our priority is effective communication and financial education so you understand your numbers completely. We want to partner in your success so you achieve your financial goals. 

Since launching the business, I have earned my Enrolled Agent designation, the highest credential the IRS awards to tax professionals. As an Enrolled Agent, I have unlimited representation rights before the IRS and can negotiate resolutions on behalf of taxpayers. With my extensive knowledge of tax laws, I put clients in a position to qualify for penalty abatement and to lower tax debt. 

Over the years, I have solved individual and small business tax issues and reduced tax liabilities for a combined savings of more than $90,000. I enjoy being a guide on my clients' financial journeys, exploring options and developing strategic game plans. As a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals, I aim to stay abreast of the ever changing tax laws to ensure my clients are in compliance. 

Ultimately, I have been honored to work with incredible business leaders from independent truckers to self-employed beauty professionals. I look forward to helping YOU navigate your business finances and the complex tax codes while maximizing profitability in your business.